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What Advent Doesn’t Mean To Me

Hi, hey, hello! I am so excited about all things holiday! Our boys are starting to understand the magic of Christmas and my heart just beams. The advent calendar is something I wanted our family to experience and my biggest hope is that it becomes our boys favorite tradition. Every family does this different so I want to emphasize that it is 100% okay to do this the best way you see fit!

We decided to narrow in on giving this year. Matthew, who is 3, is at an age where he does exactly what we do. I would love to be a positive role model for him and see that giving feels so good. That being said, we also have our fun days in there as well! We will be switching off days and doing a give day and then a fun day. Again, do what feels right to your family!

All of this sounds so awesome and it is! However, I wanted to chat a bit about what advent doesn’t mean to me.

1. Advent doesn’t mean forcing our family into fulfilling activities.

THIS! Y’all, with a 3 year old and a 1 year old you just never know what you’re going to get. I have all these wonderful things planned out and we may not get to do every activity because... toddlers. THAT IS OKAY! Save it for another day, another year, another time! organic fun is the best fun!

2. Advent doesn’t mean comparing myself to other mamas! This is so easy to do, I get it. I do it! However, I won’t allow myself to be consumed with comparison. It will steal my joy and that is not what this is about! Focus on the good you’re doing for YOUR family and let that be enough.

3. Advent doesn’t mean “bragging” about every good thing you accomplish! I will share photos of each activity for memory sake, but it will never be about wanting to be glorified for the good deed that was done. All the glory of these activities goes up to God. My only wish is that others see Jesus pour out of our hearts and into the world.


4. Advent is not about leading up to a day of gifts!

Nope, not for this family! Our boys are still pretty young so they don’t quite understand that on December 25th they’ll be opening presents. That being said, I want to instill this in them early. I hope they remember the activities and think back fondly. Most of all, I hope it sets a fire in their hearts to love others and show kindness.

Stay tuned for our advent festivities!




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