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The One Where I Chat About Having A One and Two Year Old.

“How old are they?” is what I get asked almost every single time we go out. I tell them they’re one and two and almost instantly I’m hit with, “did you do that on purpose?” HAHA. Then I explain that they’re 26 months apart and Matthew will turn three very soon. But honestly, I wish they were closer in age. Maybe I’m crazy but I think it would have been so nice. These past few months have been a huge adjustment for us. Elias is becoming so mobile and wanting to be around Matthew all the time. It’s sweet to me, not so much to Matthew. Matthew is learning to share and be kind to his brother, he’s two so I try to have as much grace on him as I can. My hope is that as Elias gets older, Matthew will really love having him around to play with! Having a one and two year old is chaotic, exhausting and so rewarding. I feel like I fail daily, multiple times but I also know that I’m doing my absolute best and these boys are so loved.

Lets chat baby number three. Guys, I’m insane. I said I wanted ONE baby. ONE. Then I agreed with Darren, Matthew needed a sibling and I felt so complete with having two boys. Now, for the past 4 or 5 months I am longing for another. I have no idea why, nothing is missing but I just see one more in our family... maybe two more. Kidding, Darren drew the line at 3 babies. I am so excited to see if God has one more Halash babe in store for us. Yes, we want a girl SO BAD. Darren picked a name in December of last year that we loved. I am not sold on it anymore, though. It’s so silly, but I posted it in my stories on Instagram and ever since then, I’ve seen it a couple of times. Darren liked it because it was unique, so we’re going to keep thinking up girl names. We will even see if that’s in store for us! We may be blessed with another son and although I’ll be a little freaked out (3 boys, yikes) I will also feel so much gratitude.

If if you read this far, you’re awesome. I love having a little journal on the internet and sharing vulnerably with you guys!




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