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New Year, New Resolutions? No Thanks.

Happy New Year! Don’t Make Any Resolutions.

New year, new resolutions? How about no.

Hey, y’all! Happy end of this decade. That’s so insane to me for some reason. Time is really flying. I started this decade in high school, I’m ending it married with two babies. Life is nuts!

I made an Instagram post a few days ago about New Years resolutions and my perspective on them. If you’re anything like me, you’ll make all these great plans and then get mega overwhelmed and drop them all. Then, you’re left feeling defeated and like a total failure. This year I’ve decided to take a different approach. Instead of making a list of things I’d like to accomplish, I’m creating a journal of things I’d like to focus in on. This allows me to center myself daily with the things I want to focus on right now, where I’m at. I’m a type 2W1 so naturally, I created a page in my notes of all the things I’d like to focus in on and why. I’ll use this to look back on occasionally throughout the year to keep myself accountable. You could do it however you want. Journaling is something I’m really taking on this year because it’s something I enjoy so it’s easy to add in the things I’d like to focus in on. Here are a few things on my mind.


This is a big one for me, y’all. I don’t know about you, but I find myself aimlessly scrolling and then realizing I needed to get something done but I was too busy reading baby yoda memes on Facebook. So, I’ll be setting up some time through out my day dedicated to being on social media. Whether that time is used to grow my blog, look at memes or reply to emails is up to me. I’m hoping this cuts down on my screen time and allows me to stay a bit more focused on my first and most important job, mothering sons.


Y’all, I’ve only journaled a few times but I have to say that it really is centering. I have a few questions I ask myself daily to help put some clarity to my thoughts. I can allow myself to get so worked up over one thing that happened that day and call it a bad day, which then turns to a bad week. When in reality, it’s just because I didn’t allow myself to see perspective on what really happened and how I’m really feeling. I also doodle while journaling which is just relaxing. 9 pm, thats journal time!


I learned a lot about myself in 2019. One thing I learned is that I am in fact capable of putting activities or people above the needs of my family. It took many conversations for me to realize how truly wrong that is. I made a commitment to my family first and upholding that is the most important thing to me right now. So, I’ll be saying “no” a lot more often. Pouring into myself and into my family is all I have right now. That is okay.

I have more, but I figured those were a few of my favorites. I know these look like resolutions but I promise they’re different. I’m not saying I WILL do these things but instead I’d like to focus in on these things and little by little work at them. I’d love to hear some things you plan to focus in on this upcoming year. Find me on Instagram (@halashandhome) and let’s chat!




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