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Let’s Chat Budgets

Hey, hi, hello!

Happy Friday, my friends! I hope it is treating ya well. Diving right on in, but before we do that I want to talk a bit about why a budget is important to our family... And why I NEED it. Story time! When Darren and I got married, I was awful with money, honestly I still am. Which is why I need this haha. I dove right into credit card debt like it was a good thing, y’all. So bad. By the grace of God we got that paid off and took finances so seriously Well, Darren has always taken it seriously. We came up with a budget binder and I’m finally perfecting it and getting used to it. I love it so much and it helps me keep track of everything. I am still not perfect and you will have to adjust to meet your budget, but this is just how we do it! Obviously you could do a print out of this, I did for a while but we have a broken printer right now and I do kind of like having everything written down. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Planner and journal are both from Target.

Being organized is my first tip. I have a very detailed planner that contains all of our finances. I also have a journal to keep track of the finance part itself. I used to use a budget binder but kind of down sized to this little guy!

You can add and take out as you need!

The budget itself! So let me start by saying that we use a lot of Dave Ramsey tips. We pay for everything, except bills that transfer automatically and gas, with cash. I pull out money for groceries as well as our extras. We get paid (yes we, I raise OUR children So it’s OUR money.) biweekly, so twice a month. I log both pay checks at the beginning of the month, but I don’t pull out all the cash at one time. Once cash is pulled out, the debit card goes away unless I use it for gas. This helps me keep track of what I’m spending visually. I log every little thing I spend. Once a bill comes out, I cross it off and log how much was taken out for that bill to ensure that it matches what we have written down. (Nice try Comcast, I’m smarter than you.) We used to have extra money come out with internet or Apple that wasn't accounted for, so keeping track is huge.

All of our our money has a place. We don’t make a ton but we could also make a lot less. Part of the sacrifice of me staying home was loosing that extra income. Darren is constantly reminding me that we “live like nobody so we can live like nobody” which I’m pretty sure was said by Dave Ramsey. This means That we don’t have every little thing we want and we are careful with how spend. Once the extras are gone, they’re gone. Something I get asked often is how I afford the boy’s clothes. It’s no secret that I love quality and shopping small. I have been very fortunate to work with brands and get clothing for free or very discounted. But I also do invest in their clothing. I want them to last and I’m picky. I’m also a bit picky about groceries. I know we spend a small fortune compared to other four people families and that’s okay. It’s all about balance. Darren drives a paid off Ford Focus and I have a 2015 Ford explorer. They are not outrageously fancy cars, but they get us where we need to go. I also give a little in the area of self care. I don’t get my nails done, hair done, have expensive skin care products, etc; So really you just have to decide what you want to be picky about and spend a bit more money on and what you’re okay with giving on!

Last thing, I encourage you to remember everyone’s situation is different and to not compare. There will always be someone who will have more than you and their will also be someone who has less. Focus on you and bettering (is “bettering” a word?) your situation!

I hope these tips helped or encouraged you!




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