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Forge Feeder / mossandfawn

Hello and happy Wednesday! AH! My first blog post with macieandsons and I am so thrilled about it. I am especially thrilled to be sharing one of my favorite products with you for your babe. I came across mossandfawn on Instagram and was naturally drawn to the Forge Feeder because of the subtle colors they offer and the silicon nipple instead of the mesh like other feeders offer.

My absolute favorite feature that this feeder has is the fact the nipple will never be able to touch the ground. With our first son, Matthew, we had a feeder with the mesh and we honestly never really used it because our pup's hair would get stuck in the food. It was so gross. With the Forge Feeder, that never happens. Elias drops it often and the food stays hair free, I love it! Another feature I love is the shape of the handle. It's a smooth texture and my little babe loves gnawing on it. I imagine it feels awesome on his sore gums!

Be sure to head over to Instagram and give mossandfawn a follow and check out these gorgeous feeders.


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