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Easter // What It Means In Our Home

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my post about our plans for Matthew and Elias on Easter as well as what the day means to our family. Growing up Easter was always a really big deal. We did Easter dress shopping, church on Saturday and Sunday and then had a family get together to celebrate the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. Darren's family also celebrated Easter the way we did. We both grew up in a Christian home and each have a relationship with Christ. We pray for our sweet boys to know our savior the way Darren and I do. We don't shove it down their throats (I mean, they're 2 and 8 months.) However, the way we think we can show them the blessing of knowing Christ is by doing our best to be Christ like. I want Easter to be a fun day for the boys always, but I also hope to incorporate what the day REALLY is about. That being said, we do have fun things planned for the boys but we will start our Easter day off with Darren reading the Easter story. Eventually, as the boys get older we'd love to read it from the bible but for now we will stick to the children's book "First Easter" by Susana Gay & Owen Gay. Our hope is to always share the love of Jesus Christ with the boys and for them to come to know Him in their own special way.

We had the plan of doing Easter baskets for the boys until Darren told me of another idea he had for Matthew. He felt the basket would be fun to maybe have in the future but right now Matthew is really into searching for things. Rocks, sticks, bugs etc; so Darren came up with the idea of an egg hunt around the house, inside and out! We got about 60 eggs for Matthew to search for. We will be filling them with a few of his favorite things; hot wheel cars, Reeses, gummies and other goodies! I'm not sure who is going to be more excited to hunt, Darren or Matthew! So, no easter basket for Matthew this year! Just a fun searching game with his daddy.

For Elias, we went ahead and stuck to the Easter basket idea! We didn't go overboard since he's eight months but we did get PRACTICAL goodies. Some from small shops and some from good ole Walmart.

Elias' Easter basket contains:

1. Gerber organic yogurt melts

2. Little Bunny book

3. Nuk transition sippy cup

4. Wooden car (thrifted)

5. Egg Shakers from Your Little Dove

6. Plush rattle form Walmart

7. Pacifier Clip from Beadnthreadshop

The pacifier clips can customized any way you want and you can use code "MACIE10" to save! These are our favorites.

Fun fact: The little shreds are recycled and we will save and reuse them!

Hope you guys got some good ideas for Easter! I appreciate you stopping by and reading. Hope all of you have a very happy Easter.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." -John 3:16


Macie Halash


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