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Alright, y’all! Happy Friday and happy new year! We made it to the weekend. If you’re a mama, this doesn’t mean too much but I mean it’s still the weekend, so yay for that. We have been settling back into a routine since getting home from vacation. It’s always so nice to kind of jump back into life after being out of routine for a bit. I hope y’all had awesome holidays!

If you follow my Instagram, @halashandhome, you have probably seen me dote over my Keenz stroller wagon. I’ve shared my love for it often during the few months I’ve had. Y’all, I’ve had many a stroller. Like, a lot. I loved my double stroller so much, but I ran over it (RIP) and needed something else to lug my two boys around in. I had my eye on the Keenz for probably 5 or 6 months at this point but knew it’d be a silly purchase since we had a perfectly good working double stroller. Once we received our Keenz stroller wagon, I quickly realized that this was going to be a LIFE CHANGER. I wasn’t wrong, either. My husband, who is impressed by nothing, has said time and time again how awesome this stroller wagon is. From the compartments to how easy it is to push... it has been such a good thing to have around.

The Keenz stroller wagon offers two straps to safely strap kiddos in. It also comes with adapters to protect your littles from rain. The amount of storage on this stroller wagon is intense, y’all. I’m talking room for target goodies as well as whatever else you bring to keep your babes entertained during said target trip. I personally love the look of this stroller wagon as well. The brown leather handle and black frame won me over, but they also offer a few other colors as well.

I highly recommend this stroller wagon if you have multiple kiddos or even if you’re just very on the go!


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