Hi there! I am so thrilled you decided to check out my tiny space of the internet. Here is a bit about us! Darren and I have a super romantic love story that I know will send goose bumps down you spine. Just kidding, we met on Tinder. Super classy, right? I was a freshman in college and Darren was just getting back from his deployment to Afghanistan. He was new in town and I wanted to show him around. The first night we met, we both knew we wanted each other for forever. Forever started a lot sooner than we thought because he got orders to JBLM in Washington state. We got married after four whole months of knowing each other, wanted babies rather quickly and then came Matthew. Our first son. Shortly after Matthew turned one, we decided sleep was not important what so ever and decided to have another baby. Along came Elias. Our second son. We also have a fur child, Sierra. Those three heartbeats are our world. I decided to start halashandhome blog to journal our days and be a relate-able family and lifestyle blog. Here you will find the beautiful and messy parts of our world, with the occasional chat about military life! I am so excited to share with you.


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